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Homeowner’s Beware: Read Your Insurance Contract or Lose

Summary: Jack and Carolyn Brockway filed suit against Allstate after it denied coverage for losses plaintiffs suffered after a theft at their home. The plaintiffs filed claims immediately following the theft which Allstate denied more than two years later. The plaintiffs sought damages for breach of contract and for breach of the implied covenant of…

So Which Rule Applies? Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Disagree in a Split Decision

Summary: A Wisconsin high school discharged an employee who then sued. The school district’s insurer defended the case through an adverse summary judgment, but refused to indemnify the school district for an adverse judgment even though it had never sent a reservation of rights letter. The majority ruled that the doctrines of waiver or estoppel…

It Still Doesn’t Pay to Lie: Personal Umbrella Policy Voided by Material Misrepresentations on Insurance Application

Summary:  Whether the insured, a mother of a 17 year old boy, intentionally failed to tell her umbrella insurer that her son was now a driver, or the insured failed to sign the application, there was no coverage under the personal umbrella policy and no reason to assess “bad faith” penalties. RLI Insurance Company v….


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