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It Still Doesn’t Pay to Lie: Personal Umbrella Policy Voided by Material Misrepresentations on Insurance Application

Summary:  Whether the insured, a mother of a 17 year old boy, intentionally failed to tell her umbrella insurer that her son was now a driver, or the insured failed to sign the application, there was no coverage under the personal umbrella policy and no reason to assess “bad faith” penalties. RLI Insurance Company v….

Louisiana Insurers Who Are Wrong, but Reasonably Wrong, Can Avoid Statutory Penalties, Attorney’s Fees, and Costs

Summary:  Lafayette Insurance Company underpaid Ullah’s looting loss claim by over $400,000, but its $40,000 payment of the undisputed amount due was timely and made with good reason.  Accordingly, the trial court’s failure to assess statutory penalties, attorney’s fees, and costs was deemed proper. Ullah, Inc. v. Lafayette Insurance Company, 54 So.3d 1193, 2009-1566 (La.App….

You Ain’t Got No Class: Seventh Circuit De-Certifies Class of Insureds Seeking Injunctive Relief

Summary:  Seventh Circuit de-certifies class of homeowner insureds seeking the injunctive relief of a uniform standard for inspecting roof damage cause by massive hailstorm.  Also, The Seventh Circuit also agrees with District Court’s decision not to certify class for bad faith claims due to individualized nature of evidence to prove claim. Kartman et al. v….

Insurer’s Good Faith Policy Defense Defeats Insured’s Statutory Penalty Claim (Even When Insurer’s Policy Limitation Violates Louisiana Public Policy)

Summary:  The Louisiana Appellate Court affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of plaintiff’s claim for future medical expenses and future loss of income precluding the assessment of statutory penalties even though its policy restrictions violated Louisiana’s “Economic Only Uninsured Motorist” (EOUM) coverage statute. Hoagboon v. Cannon, 54 So. 3d 802, 2010-0909 (La. App. 1 Cir. 12/29/10)…

Good Efforts by Insurer Lead to Win

Summary:  Allstate, by making consistent efforts to settle a serious injury case, convinced a jury that it was acting in good faith even though Allstate could have determined earlier that it owed the limits of its policy. Allstate Ins. Co. v. Herron. 09-35203 9th Cir. 3/10/11 Plaintiff Herrin was involved in a single car accident…

Adjustment of Claims Did Not Cause Mental Anguish: Fifth Circuit Affirms District Court in Hurricane Katrina Claim

Summary:  Fifth Circuit finds there was no evidence to support insureds’ claim for extra-contractual statutory penalties based on mental anguish and lost wages.  Also, Fifth Circuit finds insurer acted in good faith and timely in adjusting insureds’ contents damage claim. French v. Allstate Indemnity,  Co.2011WL1228281 Homeowner insureds French and Sutter sued Allstate to recover additional…

To Repair or Not Repair – That Is the Question

SUMMARY: California appeals court finds insurer breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing when it pursued a subrogation action against a tortfeasor to recover the cost of repairs after the insured had not authorized repairs or pursuit of the subrogation action. Hibbs v. Allstate Insurance Company. 2011 WL 1485623 (Cal.App. 2 Dist.)) The…


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